Behold! Prince Sven Örfhendur & Princess Iseabail Inghean Bhaltair

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His Royal Highness

Sven Örfhendur

Her Royal Highness

Iseabail Inghean Bhaltair


Sven’s patronus is a sloth. He loves to nap, laugh, read, think and talk about physics (heresy!), and hit people with sticks. Sven wears tunics and pants (albeit beautifully decorated ones) and has strong texture issues. Iseabail would like to approve any fabric that he might wear.  He has so many food restrictions, it’s easier to list what he will eat. For breakfast, it’s pancakes or waffles with maple syrup but no butter, biscuits (no gravy please!), breakfast pastries like cinnamon rolls, PopTarts (strawberry and cinnamon are the best) and some Danish. Like all sensible folk, he loves bacon, but it is the only meat he will eat beyond the occasional pepperoni on his pizza (which is rare). After breakfast, he has been known to snack on a variety of crunchy treats such as Cheetos (crunchy are best), Lays potato chips (no baked or artisanal wannabe’s please), nacho cheese Dorritos, and regular Fritos. He also indulges in sweet treats like cake, pie, chocolate brownies and fudge (no nuts please), but his favorite is big, soft chocolate chip cookies – and he loves to share. For lunch/dinner, he likes thick crust cheese pizza (no extra cheese), plain quesadilla (no meat, no veg, no gauc, no salsa, no sour cream), or a grilled cheese sandwich. French loaf, cottage loaf, sourdough, plain white are all good breads. American cheese is best, sharp and medium cheddar are good too. Smoked and white cheese are a no and absolutely no stinky cheese. He eats French fries, but no other cooking style of potato (beyond chips). He will eat bread and cheese by themselves sometimes and at events, mostly subsists on pizza Lunchables and sugar. His beverages of choice are RC Cola, water and sometimes yellow or orange regular Gatorade. He will drink Pepsi if RC is not available (and Coke if Pepsi is not) and he drinks orange juice with his breakfast. These are not suggestions. This is what he will eat. He is delightful as he is and we do not press him to eat things not on his list.


Iseabail loves books and magic windows (technology – heresy!), long walks, and quiet moments. She is fond of bags, shoes, silver jewelry and books (perhaps to excess – did I say books?). She loves handmade trim, embroidery, and almost all other art forms (almost).  She will be fighting both armored and rapier and is looking to level up her kit (easy for rapier as she doesn’t have one). She loves all things sloth (and -has- most things sloth). Her diet is almost the exact opposite of Sven’s except for cheese, water a. She is very allergic (although not anaphylactic) to grains, cruciferous vegetables and, less so, nightshades. Cassava flour is a nice substitute. She loves rib eye, New York steak, tri tip, bacon and almost all seafood (she does not eat heads – eww). Pork is good. Poultry is okay. Favorite vegetables are mushrooms, onions, garlic, asparagus, and green beans. Potatoes are delicious in all forms but she does not eat them often. She also loves olives and brings them to most events. All fruits are fine, but melon is not her favorite. She loves nuts but would prefer that they be in non-porous containers, like plastic or glass, for the safety of her team.  She loves fudge but can only eat very small amounts. She drinks coffee (yum – coffee) and black teas both hot and iced, Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, very lightly sweetened or unsweetened regular iced tea and Fre non-alcoholic Brut (her favorite), Fre Chardonnay or Fre Red Blend (please no other brands – most of them are just a step above foul). She does not get hungry often and eats small amounts, so when she does eat (and she does when she should), she wants it to be foods she loves.

Ish does not drink alcohol but is fine with alcohol being served (and has served it), at appropriate times/places, for/to others. Sven may, on very rare occasions, drink a beer.

Neither of them like to sit for long periods (squirrel!) and Iseabail will rarely sit when watching the fighting (and please no umbrellas when it rains – rain on her face is one of her great joys in life).

Little Bear:

Iseabail would like to request that the baby bear not be fed anything that has not been approved on the spot by her. He has a very sensitive tummy, like all snow dogs, and we want him to be a very healthy bear. He may have plain water at any time but is used to Evian from his Mommy. No, he is not at all spoiled. He is merely treated as he deserves.

The Royal Retinue

Baroness Fara Macgregor

Baroness Fara Macgregor


Baroness Lina Kolladottir

Baroness Lina Kolladottir

Chief Lady-in-Waiting