Behold! Prince Wilhelm Skallagrimmson & Princess Lorissa du Griffin

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His Royal Highness Wilhelm Skallagrimmson

Her Royal Highness Lorissa du Griffin



HRH Wilhelm

      His Royal Highness likes leatherwork, metalwork and woodwork.  Favorite time periods include ancient Greek and Roman.  

      Although He does not have allergies, He prefers to limit his intake of carbs.  He avoids drama to allow for enjoyment 

      of the Dream.


HRH Lorissa

      Her Royal Highness would like to meet all the pets, children and newcomers of Caid.  She appreciates personal, hand-made 

      pieces and although She loves Disney’s Stitch, She respectfully requests no more Experiment 626 gifts.

      Allergies include nuts (peanuts are fine), seafood, seaweed, melons, guava and passion fruit.  Food dislikes include lamb, bell

      peppers, onions, game meat, cooked carrots and cooked squash.

The Royal Retnue

Duchess Tsyra tsheere Nanoop

Duchess Tsyra tsheere Nanoop


The Honorable Lady Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna

The Honorable Lady Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna

Chief Lady-in-Waiting

Baron Giles Hill

Baron Giles Hill

Golden Rose Herald