New to the SCA?

What is the SCA

SCA stands for Society for Creative Anachronism. We are a mediveal recreation group, started in the 1970’s.  The group has tens of thousands of members worldwide, with a few thousand of those in your Kingdom.  The Society is broken up into 23 Kingdoms.  We are in the Kingdom of Caid, which is broken up into 15 Baronies and Shires.  The group regularly meets, either at a regional level (like practices and local events), or at the Kingdom level for events with hundreds, or even thousands of people.  Events are held somewhere in Caid nearly every weekend.  Check our calendar for more details.

Fighting Arts

Whether it’s Armored, Rapier, Youth, or Target Archery.  Learning to stab, move swing a sword, throw knives and axes, or shoot a bow.  There are plenty of martial forms to learn.

Arts and Sciences

Want to learn how to make armor, brew, make garb, or do woodworking, leatherworking, metalworking?  Ever wonder why or how something was done in history?  A&S is where you learn, create, and teach this skills.

Atmosphere and Community

There are hundreds of people at any given event.  Thousands at camping events, called wars.  Some have been playing for decades, some are just starting out.  Meet new people, dress in garb, or learn a new skill.  People are always willing to teach or help.  The SCA is a family friendly group, with youth activies as well.

Local Events

Baronies and Shires have weekly local meetups, usually called fighter practices.  These are places to get to know local members, even if you are not interested in fighting.  They may also have monthly arts and sciences nights as well.