Letters of Recommendation

Anyone can write a Letter of Recommendation for any award. A paragraph or two stating why you are recommending the person for the award is ideal. The Order of Precedence is available online for researching a candidate’s existing awards, and the Heralds maintain physical copies for consultation at events.


For the Gilded Thimble, please make recommendations to the Order’s Secretary.

The Order of Leodamas polls the Calafia Populace for potential candidates at the Leodamas of Thebes Tourney.

For all other Baronial Awards, Letters of Recommendation can be emailed to the Baron and Baroness of Calafia, or use the Baronial Awards Recommendation form.


Kingdom award recommendations can be submitted online at the Caidan Royals’ Award Recommendation page.

Society award recommendations should be sent to that Order’s Secretary. Details and contact information are available on the Caidian Royal’s Award Recommendation page.