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Armored Combat

The purpose of SCA fighter practice is to safely practice and prepare for the type of combative duels, tournaments and battles or melees commonly encountered in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The two most common forms are Armored Combat and Rapier Combat. SCA Armored Combat is a rough approximation of the type(s) of combat practiced by Medieval European foot soldiers of the period before 1600. Weapons are made of rattan in order to approximate the weight of period weapons. We attempt to strike a balance between a realistic martial contest versus safety of the combatants and audience. This means the SCA, Inc. has evolved specific rules for equipment standards, safety, behavior and fair play. Regardless of what type of equipment competitors may actually be wearing, for scoring purposes we imagine ourselves wearing the type of steel hauberk, helm with nasal guard, and hardened leather arm/leg protection worn at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We rely on our partner to honestly gauge whether he/she has, or has not received a blow with enough force to ‘wound’ or ‘kill.’ SCA Rapier Combat differs from modern Olympic fencing in that we attempt to recreate sword-play as practiced in the 16th and earliest 17th Century. Renaissance-era rapiers were heavier than the light weapons of modern Olympic fencing, and duelists often had a dagger, shield or other item in the opposite hand. SCA rapier tournaments and battles have specific safety rules for weapon standards, face and body protection, allowed and prohibited tactics, behavior and fair play. Come to our fighter practice!

Every week we have armored combat practice on Monday nights at 6pm at Upjohn Park . The purpose is to learn and progress your skills, to prepare you for Tournaments at regular events.  This form of combat puts you in an armored suit, whether it be leather, chain, or plate.  And has styles such as sword and shield, great weapon, or florentine.  Join the facebook group to ask ahead for things like loaner armor.

Baronial Dinner/ Council Meeting

2nd Wednesday of the month, Caseys BBQ; 1337 N China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest, CA; 5pm dinner, 6:30pm meeting

Archery and Thrown Weapons Practice: 

Sundays; Winter hours at 2pm at Baldwins Keep 3750 W Drummond Dr. Ridgecrest, CA;  Summer Hours at 4pm

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