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Baronial awards

Through great works in service, arts, or martial.  inidviduals withing the society can earn awards.  At the Kingdom level these awards can change titles, read more here.

But at the regional level you can achieve awards amongst your group for similar feats of effort.  Below is a list of current awards.  To recommend an individual for an award you can email the Baronage here.

Dragon's Wing

Baronial Service Award

Well is it known that a Barony lives by those who serve it. So too, should a Barony recognize those people who, by act and deed, distinguish themselves. Thus was created the Order of the Dragons Wing.

Elite Guard

Baronial Fighting Award

When a member of the Naevehjem’s Militia excels in the persistence of heavy weapons arms and maintains a goal of excellence, we recognize this individual as a member of the Elite Guard. This individual is responsible for maintaining excellence by public display and aiding in the training of other fighters of our territory.

Dragon's Gem

Baronial Arts Award

When a person excels in an artistic skill or scientific expertise in this Barony, Naevehjem as a whole well benefits from the artisan who does ply this trade. Thus was created the Order of the Dragons Gem.

Dragon's Foot


Long must the Barony of Naevehjem stand to guard the Northeastern borders of the Kingdom from all who might set their covetous eyes upon Caid. Those who guard must diligently hone their skills at arms so that they can turn away any marauders. The Barony, therefore, recognizes the need to promote the populous fighting skills by recognizing those who have shown a strong ability to fight in at least one weapon style, enemies shall know the agony of defeat.  Thus was created the Order of the Dragons Foot.

Dragon's Blaze

Special Act

There are times when one may serve the Barony of Naevehjem and the Kingdom of Caid with such extreme effort or in such an unforeseen manner that those touched by this person are utterly enriched. So it is that the Baron and Baroness of Naevehjem have created their special Order of the Dragons Blaze to so honor those people who give of themselves to the utmost for the vast benefit of others

Dragon's Heart of Naevehjem

Baronial award for courtesy

Given to recognize gentles who are models of courtesy and gentleness who enrich the people of Naevehjem through their behavior and actions