Behold! King Tryggr Jarngeirr Ingvarsson & Queen Mercedes Eirniardóttir

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His Royal Majesty Tryggr Jarngeirr Ingvarsson

Her Royal Majesty Mercedes Eirnýardóttir



HRM Tryggr


His Royal Majesty enjoys weaving chain and scale mail, singing the occasional song, and good times with friends and soon to be friends. His favorite SCA period is all things Norse Viking through Varangian.
He does not have any food allergies, but loves chocolate, bacon, and pomegranates. He prefers to snack on crunchy carbs or fresh fruit.


HRM Mercedes


Her Royal Majesty loves meeting new people and can often be found deep in conversation. Her personal colors are blue and gold. She is allergic to most metals, and asks that any gifted jewelry be primarily beaded, fiber, or leather (small metal clasps are ok). While she appreciates personal gifts, she would especially love gifts of items that can be shared with the populace as largesse.

She does not have any food allergies, but is sensitive to spicy (hot) foods and dislikes peppers in all forms. She does not have much of a sweet tooth for candies other than dark chocolate, and prefers fruit or high protein, low carb snacks like meats, cheeses, and nuts.

The Royal Retinue

 THLady Keinvryd ferch Talan

THLady Keinvryd ferch Talan


Baroness Sárán mac Duinn

Baroness Sárán mac Duinn

Chief Lady-in-Waiting