Wanted! Kingdom Archivist!

Are you someone who loves the rich history of the Kingdom of Caid and would like to help maintain and grow these records for the generations that follow? The current Archivist, Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, is stepping down for a well-earned rest and we need a new Kingdom Archivist.

The Kingdom Archivist role is to process, catalogue and preserve the collection of Caid History: written documents, and artifacts from our SCA lives past, present and in the future. The Archivist preserves and makes accessible information in our collection to others in our kingdom, as well as inquiries from the corporate office. While it would be ideal for the Archivist to store the files, we do have an option for storage at a facility. This office reports to the Kingdom Seneschal and must have access to the internet and basic home office equipment.

Essential duties and responsibilities of the job include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain the repository, as it grows.
  • Catalogue and keep current the repository.
  • Receiving tangible items for possible integration to the current repository.
  • Consolidating existing files.

If you are interested in stepping into this position, please contact the Kingdom Seneschal at seneschal.officer@sca-caid.org