Baron Jethro de Calce des Excurtynyx


Personal Preferences

Colors: Red, black, and yellow. Fabrics: Linen and wool in colors that would have existed historically.

Favorite colors: Red, black, green, blue, earth tones.

Style & Items: I portray a mid-late 15th century land owner and soldier from the Canton of Glarus in the Swiss Confederacy. The clothing and items are close to what you would see the Germans and Burgundians of the same era wearing. I also do Norse.

Interests and Activities: Armored Combat, Leatherwork, Research, and Socializing.

Food Likes: Meat, cheese, bread. Pretty much anything, really.

Preferred beverages: Water.

Food Dislikes: None, as long as it’s prepared properly. Bring me that weird historical cuisine!

Allergies: None

Baroness Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna


Personal Preferences

Colors: Purple and Gold

Fabrics: Natural fabrics (especially linen, and wool, in natural and SCA-period colors.)

Favorite colors: Purple, Green, Black, Red and Gold and Earth tones. Very few colors are disliked.

Style & Items: My persona was born in 1351 in Croatia, which at the time had a Personal union with Hungary (1102–1527) and the Republic of Venice. After the death of my parents, when I was ten, my Uncle took me traveling to and throughout many different countries. Therefore, I appreciate many different styles of clothing from that era.

Interests and Activities: Volunteering, cooking, woodworking, embroidery and many others.

Food Likes: Fresh fruits and veggies, dark chocolate, cashews and almonds, homemade breads and preserves, cheeses, Cured Meats.

Preferred beverages: Cold water, Diet Coke, iced herbal tea, natural fruit juices, flavored water

Food Dislikes: Foods that are meant to be served and eaten hot, but are served tepid or cold. I do not care for tomatoes.

Allergies: Eggplant, drama and whining