With twenty-five years of GWW under our belts, we’ve decided it’s time to write the Saga of GWW. We need your help! As you come in and join us for an epic event, we encourage you to think about what GWW means to you and what stories you will tell around the fire each night. From epic bouts on the battlefield to learning new skills in the Arts and Sciences Village to participating in various Queen’s Champion contests from Archery to Equestrian to purchasing your latest great find in the Merchants Village to sharing a moment performing around a bardic circle, GWW has all this to offer and so much more! We want to hear about it all!

We look forward to seeing you at War and sharing this special event with you! 

Ceridwen & Rowen

GWW Starts Oct 8th 2024. Grab your spear and your Lute!








Welcome to GWW XXVI

GWW XXVI dates are up, Oct 8th-14th! Preregistration will be opening June 1st. We look forward to see you all. Stay Tuned for details.

Welcome to Great Western War!

Gate Hours for War

10/8 Tuesday Noon to Midnight.

10/9 Wednesday  8:00 AM- Midnight.

10/10 Thursday 8:00 AM- Midnight.

10/11 Friday 12:01 AM- Midnight (24 hours).

10/12 Saturday 12:01 AM- 4:00 PM