Rapier Combat

Marshaling: Requesting volunteers via ivolunteer (https://gww.ivolunteer.com/rapiergww_2022) prior to the event, and accepting marshals for tournaments and melee scenarios day-of. If necessary, requesting each fighting unit to provide a marshal if necessary.

  • Alesone will lead a marshaling class at the conclusion of scenarios on Friday, October 7th

Water Bearing: Accepting volunteers to help with water bearing for fighters each day. The rapier stewards will bring a few flats of water, and each fighting unit is encouraged to bring a flat of water, too. Please be mindful of managing additional trash from pre-packaged items and bottled water as well.

Armor & Weapon Inspection: Marshalls will be available the afternoon of Thursday the 6th, morning and evening of Friday the 7th, and the mornings of Saturday the 8th, and Sunday the 9th before tournaments and scenarios begin.

All weapons, armor, and spears to be inspected before the start of tournaments and scenarios, and to conform to Caid rules. Any fighter found with substandard armor and/or weapons will be asked to correct any issues before re-inspection and participation in tournaments and scenarios. The Early Bird Bear Pit; Bridesmaid, Torchlight, and C&T Tournaments; and Valkyrie Rose are all cleared for the reduced armor experiment.

Pick Up Fighting: Space around the field is available for pickup fighting. Once scenarios and tournaments are completed each day, the field is available for any additional fighting as well.


Thursday, October 6th:

  • 2:00pm – Early Bird Bear Pit

Friday, October 7th:

  • 10:00AM – Bridesmaid Tournament Never won a tournament? Always finding yourself as the runner up? Then this tournament is for you! Come out, cross swords, and warm up your war. Tournament will take place on the Melee field.
  • 6:00PM – The 25th Annual Torchlight Tournament and Bauble Battle. List opens: 5pm, List closes: 6pm, Fighting starts: 7pm.
  • The house only takes house baubles.
  • Skipping a round may cost you the ability to win the Champion and Giant Slayer prizes.

Fighters who have not won a Kingdom, Principality, or Baronial Championship (or equivalent), or have not won a previous Bridesmaid Tourney may enter.

The Ridotti Den of Iniquity, in the Sable Hart encampment, brings you yet another rollicksome night to remember. We’re hosting our own list field so that we can trade formal salutes for a faster pace and cooler temperature. The house will be taking bets and the Ridotti will be awarding prizes.

Pickles’ Public House will be dishing up wood fired pizzas to fighters and gamblers alike while supplies last.

This is a non-elimination tournament and we expect to be able to accommodate people skipping a round to head off to various vigils.

Please note:

Saturday, October 8th:

  • 2:00PM C&T Tournament.

Join us on the Rapier Field Saturday after melee scenarios for an Armor-as-Worn Cut and Thrust tournament in honor of The Honorable Lady Meala Caimbeul. Your hosts, Master Malise MacKendry and Lord Edmund Barlow invite you to don your period armor, and cover up to 50% of your body. Plate is considered proof; chain or heavy leather protects against cuts. Members of the Populace are encouraged to attend and watch the fights in honor of our friend!

All Fighters entering the lists must be Cut and Thrust authorized, and armored to Cut and Thrust standards. Combatants are not required to wear any additional armor, but are welcome and encouraged to! The list will be limited rounds dependent on the number of entrants, and fought with weapons of choice. We hope to see fighters from many Kingdoms in attendance. Armor to your home Kingdom’s standards, blow calling shall be to the standard Caid Rapier Cut & Thrust ruleset.

Armor standards, all Fighters shall wear their Kingdom minimums for cut and thrust rapier, and are encouraged and permitted (but not required) to wear additional pieces of armor. Armor shall be simulated as it is openly worn and shall count for no more than 50% of the body.


Torso = 40%

Head = 10%

Plate is proof

Arms = 20%

Legs = 20%

Leather/chain protects vs cuts

Chain maille must be of period construction to count as armor, ringmesh used as minimum armor requirements does not count as armor as worn.

Armor must be made of period construction/appear to be made of period construction.

Ex. Plastic armor with a period covering over it, plastic breastplate or vambraces with suede or leather stretched over it will pass as Period like construction.

Aluminum metallic armor that is made to resemble period construction.

Rigidly hardened leather will be proof against cuts and thrusts.

Sunday, October 9th:

  • 9:30AM – Valkyrie Rose

Fighters in this tournament are sponsored by a Lady/Lord of the Rose. If you don’t have a sponsor and would like to fight, please check in with the tournament steward to see if any spots are available. This tournament displays the heraldry, pageantry, and chivalry of our society. Sponsored fighters will participate in a procession and speed tourney, fighting for the honor of the Lady/Lord of the Rose they are sponsored by. Prizes are given for the winner of the tournament and most chivalrous fighter. Tournament will take place on the Melee field.


Join us for melee scenarios at 12PM Friday and 10AM Saturday. Sides to be split evenly between Caid vs the West and its allies. Fighting units may be asked to join the opposite side to alleviate any disparity between sides. Each scenario runs multiple times with additional adjustments to the rules as necessary.

Friday, October 7th, 12PM:

  • Gentle Melee Warm-up: Single Sword only. First blood counts as a kill. Scenario ends when 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • Capture the Chart: Scenario ends when one side returns the opposing side’s chart to their rez point, or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • Calafia Strike: Defending side protects multiple sites. Attacking side must deliver an explosive to the site, and maintain the site for 30 seconds once planted. Scenario ends when all of one side dies, the attacking side maintains the site after planting the explosive, or the defending side successfully removes the planted explosive from the site.

Saturday, October 8th, 10AM:

  • Gentle Melee Warm-up: Single Sword only. First blood counts as a kill. Infinite rezes. Scenario ends when 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • Battle at Sea: King of the Hill. Scenario ends once 10 minutes have elapsed, and the winning side has the most points after controlling each point for designated intervals.
  • Shipwreck Run: Attacking side must claim treasure on the field defended by the opposing side. Scenario ends when the defending side runs out of rezzes, or all treasure is claimed by the attacking side
  • Angry Dead: Kill ‘em all with a Halloween twist.


Youth Combat is on the armored and rapier field at 2:00pm, and Youth Rapier at 3:00pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A parent or guardian must be present, and it is encouraged to bring your own gear as loaner gear will be extremely limited.

2021 entries for reference:

  • Warlord Warm-up: No teams. On death, side with the person who killed you. Scenario ends when only one side exists, or a stalemate between remaining sides.
  • Reinforcement Battles: Scenario ends when only one side remains, or time limit is reached.
  • 15 minute break
  • Banner Person: Up to 3 spears per side. When a spearperson dies, a hold is called, and the spawn point closest to the center of the field closes. Scenario ends when all spear people for a side have died, or 12 minutes have elapsed.
  • 15 minute break
  • Smuggler Football: Stash of Old Smuggler bottles at center of field. Retrieving a bottle and returning it to your team’s rez point counts as a point. Scenario ends when 12 points are reached, or score is tallied after 12 minutes.
  • 15 minute break
  • Gentle Melee: Single Sword only. First blood counts as a kill. Dead meet at rez point and rez once 5 people on your team group up. Scenario ends when 12 minutes have elapsed. The winning side is the side with the least amount of rezzes.
  • Warlord Warm-up
  • Ship Battle: Scenario ends when the attacking side has reached the opposite side of the field, or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • 15 minute break
  • Alamo: Defending side starts in the center of town, and receives 3 RBGs. People designated with a red sash and marshalls can collect ammo to replenish defender supply of ammo. Scenario ends when the defending side is dead, or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • 15 minute break
  • Collect the Loot: Each side fights over returning a cache of items from the town center to their respective rez points. Scenario ends once all loot has been captured, and then the tally begins for scoring items collected.
  • 15 minute break
  • Escort Treasure: Attackers start at town center and have to make their way to the opposite end of the field while carrying a chest of treasure. Scenario ends when the attacking side reaches the end of field, or neither side remains.

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