Carpe Luxuriam’s Prize Bardic

Location: Carpe Luxuriam camp

Day: Thursday

Time: sign-ups open at 6:30 pm; competition begins at 7 pm

Are you a singer, storyteller, poet, or musician? Come share your

performance around our fire and compete for the chance to win exciting

prizes! Prizes vary each year but often include camp furniture, furs,

jewelry, and alcohol (for those of age). New performers who’ve never

competed and/or have been performing at SCA events for less than a year

get a small prize just for showing up!

Original compositions are welcome, as are period pieces, but you don’t

have to be a composer or researcher to enter; feel free to perform any

period-esque piece you know! (Yes, that includes filks.) Please keep

performances to six minutes or less.

Spectators are welcome! Please come enjoy the performances, vote on the

winners, and drink from our keg of cider. Please bring your own seating

if you have it.

Sign-ups are limited to the first 20 people to put their names on the

list and typically close shortly after the competition begins.

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