Practices and Info

Armored Combat

Every week we have armored combat practice on Tuesday nights from 6:00PM until 8:00PM on the myrtle ave side of Lettermen Park in Clovis. The purpose is to learn and progress your skills, to prepare you for Tournaments at regular events.  This form of combat puts you in an armored suit, whether it be leather, chain, or plate.  And has styles such as sword and shield, great weapon, or florentine.  Join the facebook group to ask ahead for things like loaner armor.

Rapier Combat

Due to a lack of local participants, we currently are not running a rapier combat but this is expected to change.  When it does we will provide information on practices.


We are in the process of planning local archery practices.  If you are interested or have information to share, please direct them to the Captain of Archers.

Youth Combat

In the SCA youth may be permitted to fight, as long as they are old enough to take direction, and up to the ages of 16.  Once they become 16 they can promote to Armored or Rapier combat.  Practice is as needed, and at the same locations as the Armored and Rapier practices.  Join the facebook group for more details

Upcoming Events