Jens inn draumspaki

Jens was intent upon passing through Iceland to Dublin, (vik,vik), from Daneland on his way to join with the Great Army of 865 under Ivar “the boneless” Lothbrok. One day at the market as she was deep in thought, Ida literally bumped into Jens and vice versa, as he was preoccupied with disembarking from the drakkar. Love at the first bump. They were married soon after and plans changed for both of them.

Personal Preferences

Colors: vert, argent and gules (green silver red)

Food likes: pizza, raw carrots/celery, peanut butter, coffees(half or decaf), teas, tree nuts, cheeses, fruits.

Dislikes: coconut, wine-based vinegars

Food aversions: green leafy vegetables, red meats, foods cooked in/with alcohol due to digestive issues

Allergies: all PCN, alcohol-sensitive

Heraldry: Vert, on a bear statant erect affronty forepaws elevated argent a Thor’s hammer gules.

Ida Haroldsdottir

9th century Icelandic Norse time period of about 885 current era, within the DaneLaw.

Ida was on a small isle in Iceland learning from a spokana (seeress) since childhood

We enjoy an era in the Kingdom of Northumbria, residing to the southeast of Jorvik some years later about 885. (The Yorkshire Wolds are low, gently rolling hills in the present-day counties of the East Riding of Yorkshire and North Yorkshire).

Personal Preferences

Colors: argent and gules (silver, red)

Food likes:

coconut, high-protein based foods, berries, cinnamon, olives, and flavored non-sparkling waters, tree nuts, cheeses, fruits.

Food aversions: green leafy vegetables, red meats, foods cooked in/with alcohol due to digestive issues

Dislikes: blue cheese, coffees, overly spicy foods

Allergies: Sulfa, Keflex, gluten-sensitive, alcohol-sensitive

Heraldry; Argent, a mullet voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet gules.

Court and Guard

Kammerkona (Chamberlain)
Lady Juliana de Ellesmere
Aðalkonan í bið (Chief lady in waiting)
LH Señora Madelena Leonor Hidalgo de Figueres
Varðskipstjὀri (Co-Captains of the guard)
Lord Finnr the squinter Gudmundarson 
THLord Dafyd ap Tomas

Dὀmstὀll (Court)
Mistress Colette de Montpellier
THLady Hunith Wen
Lord Fingin ua Lorccain
Lady Lijss van den Kerckhove
Lord Gabriello de Arexio
Lady Emeline atte More
Lady Muriel O Dooly
M’lady Dana Callaghan of Fair Isle

Félagi (Companion)
Baroness Morgana Ferrari di Velletri

THLady Valeria Cabrielli
THLady Livia von Baden
THLord Rycharde the Bowemon
Lord Erich der Suchenwirth zum Schwarzenkatze
Lord Constantine mac Gavin mec Dhomhnuill
Lord Ulf kjuka bassi
Lord Reynold Colling
Ráðgjafa (Advisors)
Duchess Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
Countess Leonora Morgana
Countess Ciarlasse MacGregor
Mistress Ceridwen Killian
Hafa skoðanir (They who have opinions)
Master Riordan Robert MacGregor
Master Rowen Killian